Karu's Space


This is a repository for things that I wanted in my own little corner of the internet. It is made possible by Neocities, so definitely consider trying it!

Created August 2022. For fun, I wanted to learn HTML/CSS and apply it to a personal project, so it's as much for my own satisfaction as it is a gallery for others to see.

I want the site to be clean – it's always a work in progress and is rather Lynx-friendly! Decided to rewrite the entire site manually due to being quite dissatisfied with layout generators. Always making tweaks as I learn more tricks.

This site is not optimized for mobile browsers!

Last site update: 2024-04-02

Latest Major Changes

  • 2024-02-19: Added a gallery page!
  • 2023-12-19: Added a guestbook! Also added favicon, contact in footer, some internal jump links where relevant, and more links to cool sites.
  • 2023-06-06: Removed all video embeds within the VOD Archive page and instead linked them to their respective Internet Archive pages.
  • 2023-06-04: Completed the Light Novel catalog! Converted most large images to .webp format.
  • 2023-04-01: Archived all of my Twitch videos on the Internet Archive and embedded them in the VOD Archive page.
  • 2023-03-15: Switched to a custom domain!

Wishlist/To Do

  • Catalogs for collections
  • Fix the "Other Pages" dropdown menu, since there's something wrong with the background.
  • Perhaps create a list of some of my favorite websites of various categories.
  • Guestbook ✔