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About Karu

゚+。:.(*・ω・)o旦 旦o(・ω・*).:。+゚

• General

Striving for a chill and stress-minimized life. Collector of things. Reader of light novels. Proponent of physical media over digital-only media. Privacy/security enthusiast. Likes archiving stuff. Daily Linux user. Casual VTuber. Amateur (ham) radio Technician licensee. BSc/MSc degrees - always on a learning journey.

• Custom Mechanical Keyboards

I entered the custom mechanical keyboard scene in March 2022 wanting a keyboard completely customized by me, tailored to my various needs, is built to last, and (most importantly) is *quiet*. Since then, I've built 7 keyboards and have more builds planned for the future.

Favorite switches are linear - plus points if they are silent linears. Due to the way I use keyboards, anything smaller than 65% is nigh useless for my everyday needs - 75% and up is ideal.

• Games I Play

I've been playing DanceDanceRevolution (DDR) for over 15 years and have been playing its PC equivalent, StepMania, for almost as long. I play on keyboard! (fun fact: I used to play StepMania pretty well with a PlayStation2 controller!)

Collector of PS Vita rare/limited/collector goods. I have a rather huge collection.

• Music I Like

Pretty much down with anything: Jazz, classical, metal, folk/traditional, bluegrass, futurefunk, neurofunk, house, drum and bass, ambient, and a trillion other genres.

I've been big on DnB/breakcore/breakbeat/etc for a long time. I want to share a small selection of artists I enjoy here — they are all great, but names highlighted in green are artists I highly endorse!

633397 // AINETH // Andy Pls // C3NTELL4 // Cvmpliant // FTLFRAME // Foxxy Dekay // goreshit // Gutterpink // Heatace // hkmori // Iwakura // llwll // Luhcy // Mayyro // Nedaj // Nfract // SKeinn // strxwberrymilk // TOKYOPILL // usedcvnt // wtchx // zynzvn

Some Fun Rhythm Game Plays

Amateras Records - キミという特異点
Shade - Mars -Arrange-
Dream With You! - RabbitJ [Punishing: Gray Raven]
DJ Sharpnel - DIST SQUAD
島みやえい子 - ひぐらしのなく頃に (Higurashi no Naku Koro ni)