Karu's Space

Light Novels

There is a bookshelf dedicated to housing a large collection of physical light novels.

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Collection as of May 31, 2023


Playstation Vita

The gems of my collection are 3 non-retail Vitas - a Developer Kit, a Testing Kit, and a demo/kiosk model that still has demo software of it.

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Collection as of September 04, 2021


Custom Mechanical Keyboards

Some of the keebs I've built. There are more but a few are showcased below.

Hoshizora 60% keyboard, Lilac

I themed this keyboard around Patchouli Knowledge from the Touhou Project (東方Project)

Nature Witch 60% keyboard, Walnut

S46 40% keyboard, Wine Red

This is the keyboard I use for StepMania, since it's useless for anything more!

Cassette Tapes/Vinyl Records

A small selection of music on physical casettes and vinyl was obtained mostly through Bandcamp.

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Collection as of April 29, 2023.
Thanks to Bandcamp, I've acquired a number of physical media for music albums I like.
Turntable is Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB and cassette player was part of a limited Sailorwave bundle from Neoncity Records.